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VitaLink Max Grow and Bloom Two-Part Hydroponic Nutrient

VitaLink Max two-part nutrient has been helping growers achieve excellent plant results for over 10 years. Co-developed with a leading UK university, it has undergone rigorous tests, which all show it delivers healthy plant growth and optimal yield, consistently. It is this reliability and consistency that continues to make VitaLink Max one of the most popular and trusted two-part hydroponic nutrients on the market today.

So what is the secret behind VitaLink Max?

VitaLink Max nutrient contains a unique and sophisticated blend of ingredients. Each ingredient has been carefully selected by highly trained plant scientists:

Phosphite - proven to promote plant health, growth and yield.

Vitamin B1- increases resistance to infection.

Cobalt - promotes vibrancy.

Nickel - keeps leaves healthy.

This trusted formulation has not changed over the years. In fact, the popularity of Max is why its formulation is the basis of our other nutrients. So, when you want a two-part hydroponic nutrient that delivers, look no further than VitaLink Max.


VitaLink Max is available in both hard and soft water formulations. It is also split into 'Grow' and 'Bloom' to suit your plants' different nutritional requirements during growth and bloom. As a two-part hydroponic nutrient, 'Grow' and 'Bloom' come in two parts (A&B).

Suitable for use with clay pebbles, perlite and rockwool. VitaLink Max can be used with re-circulating and run-to-waste hydroponic techniques.

Available in 1L, 5L & 10L bottles.

Need to know

Dilution Rate: 2-4mls of A and B per litre.

Grow - NPK 5.1/2.6/7.8

Bloom - NPK 5/4.6/9.6

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