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Extremely high quality reflective diamond pressed Reflect-A-Gro silver sheeting is 50% more reflective than standard black and white or light blocking sheeting. Diamond reflective sheeting if fully light proof but also flame-retardant. Diamond sheeting is 1.4m wide and available by the metre or in 100m rolls at a discounted price.

Manufactured by Metagro Diamond sheeting is part of the UK'S number one reflective sheeting range. Metagro use an advanced laminate bonding technology so their range is the only reflective sheeting that has Encapsulated Metal Protection (EMP) which offers protection against heat, moisture and handling.

Diamond sheeting offers better light diffusion than standard reflective Mylar or Reflect-A-Gro reflective sheeting. We also sell various adhesive tapes including Duct Tape and Silver Aluminum Foil tape for securing your sheeting into position. If you are using a staple gun to put your plastic reflective sheeting up we recommend stapling through small pieces of Duct tape to give a more secure fixing.

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